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"My experience with Stacy as a past life facilitator .....

Prior to 'going under' Stacy asks and speaks to her client of their concerns and expectations . Because of her training as a therapist, I believe this gives her the unique advantage of how to guide a clients experience . Stacy gently leads you  to a meditative state with breath and imaging work . When the client is ready , the journey begins .

I had several past life insights and recalls with each session I had . I find past life experiences satisfying, informing and insightful to my spiritual and emotional growth .

Stacy is an effective facilitator because of her compassion , gentleness she creates a space of trust. She also allows and supports the client to have their journeys organically." 

~ Marie, Reiki Healer, USA

"I enjoyed meeting you, feel lucky to have!  You are a gifted communicator, I really appreciated the session and look forward to our paths crossing again soon!"

~Cristina, USA

"Stacy is a compassionate and gifted healer who uses different modalities to help her clients.  I have had several QHHT sessions with Stacy and each time I get more insights into myself.  Stacy is gentle and caring and guides the sessions in a safe yet effective manner.  I have been able to access my Higher Self at each session after exploring different past lives and it is a fascinating journey.   The entire experience gives me a broad perspective on life and confirms just how powerful we all are in our own right.  I highly recommend Stacy’s healing services- you will not be disappointed!"

~Bonnie, Writer, Attorney USA

I was extremely grateful to have someone like Stacy to go to. It's unusual for me to find someone with such depth of wisdom and mastery in the knowledge of how to hold space for an individual to move through a deep reflection process the way that Stacy does. Our session felt like a mini retreat for me to where she took me into a deep self-awareness experience that led me into healing and clarity. Our session was incredibly profound for me. 

~Michele Ashley, Yoga Instructor and Life Coach USA

As a therapist using the Compassionate Inquiry (CI) approach Stacy creates safety, and effortlessly demonstrates presence, compassion and listening from the heart. She facilitates a beautiful healing journey that leaves the person with a sense of renewal and inner peace. I have embarked on several magical CI journeys with Stacy and I wholeheartedly recommend her.

~Lucie, Counselor Canada

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